"Get back your mobility and get back into the world!
I know you are cautious, and I know that your disability hurts. Using a wheelchair is no great honor, and the traditional ones can be, frankly, a real pain. You may have made peace with your lack of mobility, but I want you to think about what it would be like to be able to go out and about freely, without the awkwardness and hassle."

The Smart Chair makes an appearance in this moving video

Is it healthy to be stuck in the house when no one can go with you? Is that quality of life? For heaven's sake, they are talking about making cars that drive themselves! Certainly you deserve your mobility and freedom back. I want to recommend the KD foldable motorized wheelchair. I want you to enjoy LIVING.
Here's what this important product can do for you:

    • You can travel 15 miles on one charge of the battery
    • You can fold it in just a few seconds, and put it in your car or out of sight
    • You can turn on a dime, go up ramps, across the grass, etc...
    • You can enjoy a sturdy and stable ride
    • It is approved by the FDA
    • There is a 100% Money Back Guarantee
    • You will no longer be dependent on others for going where you want

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

There was a fellow named Jonathan Collins (name changed for privacy reasons) who worked in construction in Iowa. A serious accident left him with chronic severe leg pain. He could walk around the house, but trying to go any distance resulted in inflammation and intense discomfort. He was too proud to use a wheelchair, he didn't want other people "pushing him around!" He wanted something he could use when he needed, and hide when at home (à la Pres. Franklin Roosevelt).

For a couple of thousand dollars, he got the KD motorized electric wheelchair. When he started using it, he realized how much he had been feeling sorry for himself. He felt as if he had gotten his life back, and he had. I'm sharing this story because when I read it, I was very moved.

Many of us accept our limitations, even though they are not impossible to defeat. When a person lives their life without maximizing their potential, without using their God-given opportunities, it makes me sad. I hope that you reading this, if it is you or a loved one with a mobility challenge, will decide to grasp hope, get this chair, and live life to the fullest!


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"60 Day Money Back Guarantee"

I hope, by now, you see the incredible life-changing potential of this one-of-a-kind motorized electric wheelchair. Please take action and order one now. You can have it within just a few days. Sometimes, and important investment like this isn't the easiest decision to make. KD respects that, and is glad to offer a full moneyback guarantee, valid for 60 days.

An 80 year old hiker has climbed NY's Mount Marcy (5344 ft.) around 800 times! When asked why so many, he answered,”I keep forgetting I've been there.” How wonderful to have a great sense of humor about aging, and all of life's challenges. That, more than anything, keeps us young and energized. I hope this article energizes you to do something wonderful for you or your loved one.

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RecommendedChristopher and Dana Reeve Foundation

The DoctorsGave Smart Chairs on TV

“The KD Smart Chair is revolutionizing travel mobility” New Mobility Magazine

The KD Smart Chair is the best option for a compact wheelchair. (Top Ten Reviews)

”After doing my research and I decided to purchase your chair instead of the scooters that do not fold. I am no longer stuck inside my home and can do things again. Your wheelchair really has changed my life for the better and I would like to thank you by writing this letter.”
Meriam N., Brooklyn, NY

You deserve the best power wheelchair, because you deserve to live a beautiful life

I have seen so many stories of people who really were suffering because doing even the simple things in life was next to impossible. They chose to stop the suffering, and get a tool that empowers them. They purchased the motorized electric wheelchair, and it added so much JOY to their lives. They are independent, they can go where they need to, when they want to. And, the chair is actually fun to use!
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RecommendedChristopher and Dana Reeve Foundation

The DoctorsGave Smart Chairs on TV

"Frequently Asked Questions"

Does this chair maneuver well on tough terrain?

I wouldn't recommend taking it on a hike in the Rockies. Local use should be great. It travels up to 5 miles an hour, does ramps and uneven surfaces easily.

How much maintenance does this chair need?

An annual tuneup should do it. The chair is mechanically solid, and should not require much work to keep it operating smoothly. It comes with a warrantee.

How much does the chair cost?

As of this writing, it costs $2295. This compares favorably with other motorized wheelchairs. There is a heavy-duty model for about $2700.

Can I take this electric wheelchair on an airplane?

Yes, the chair is allowed on commercial flights.

How much weight can this chair handle?

265 pounds.

What are the batteries like?

This electric wheelchair comes with two special batteries, that can be charged in 2 to 4 hours. The charger is also included. On a full charge, the Smart Chair can travel up to 15 miles.

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